What is the price standard for international express delivery in 2022

1. The delivery country, different countries, the same package shipping fee may be different, the more remote the area, the higher the cost;

2. We all know that the weight of the mailed items is charged according to the weight when sending international express, and the international express billing weight is divided into two ways, one is the actual weight, the other is the volume weight, and the volume weight refers to the item. The length*width*height/5000 of the outer package, the unit of length, width and height is cm. The final calculated value, the actual weight and the volume weight, take the larger value as the billable weight. Therefore, for the same actual weight items, if different the packaging method, the charges may be different;

3. Different channels also have a great impact on international express charges. There are more channels for mailing items such as general goods and documents, and the price is relatively cheap, while sensitive goods such as food, medicine, and cosmetics can be transported through channels. There are very few, and since they can only go through sensitive channels, the price will be very high.

International express charging standards, the four major international express companies take the larger value of the volume weight and the actual weight as the billing weight, with 0.5kg as the unit, and charge according to the first weight of the product + the additional weight. The first 0.5kg is the first weight, and the rest is the continuation weight. For the first weight, the cost is about 170 yuan, and the additional weight is about 30 yuan. If it is a product of more than 21KG, it is calculated in units of 1KG, not counting the first weight.

EMS is a product with a length of no more than 60cm. Calculated by actual weight, the cost is relatively low, but the EMS aging is particularly slow. If there is no requirement for aging, it can be considered.

The general billing formula for international express charges: the first weight freight + (total weight KG × 2-1 first weight) × the additional weight freight.

Air freight billing formula: volume weight (KG) = cargo volume (CBM) / 0.006

Shipping billing formula: freight = freight price × freight ton = basic freight rate × (1 + sum of surcharges) × freight volume

However, since international express delivery is affected by many factors, the actual delivery fee shall prevail. You can consult the international express company to understand the specific charging standards, and then choose the delivery method according to your actual situation.






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