DHL international express delivery

DHL International Express is a market leader in the global express delivery industry, providing high-quality express services for enterprises and private customers in 220 countries and regions around the world. DHL international express company provides DHL international express global delivery service, fast, reliable and stable international express line service channels.

What are the advantages of DHL international express?

1. DHL international express is fast, reliable and stable, helping you deliver your package to the recipient quickly and efficiently.

2. DHL direct flights from mainland China, with fast delivery time for general cargo, can reach the destination in 2-3 working days, Hong Kong DHL special line channel, take special products and sensitive goods, can undertake a variety of categories, can be reached in 3-7 working days . Daily direct flights to major processing centers in Europe and the United States.

3. The express customs clearance ability is strong, especially in Europe (headquartered in Germany).

4. Effectively solve the logistics pain points of your live products.

Which options are suitable for DHL international express?

1. High-value goods that require very high logistics timeliness and service quality.

2. Ideal for small express shipments (under 21kg).






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